Hi, I’m Stardust Legacy



This site is a random blog for all the good and happy things: Star Wars, the Wizarding World, art, gaming and books! I believe in inclusion and representation in media and fan communities. Loving something is what makes us fans. Period.

As for me, I can be found raiding tombs, fighting against Planemeld, and battling the Galactic Empire. Perhaps more practically, you can find me on Twitter @TheStardust77. I’m also on Passionately Casual, a SWTOR/Star Wars podcast. I make game-related videos sometimes as well, which you can find on YouTube.


The following is a mostly up-to-date list of my guest appearances, articles and mentions.

  • Passionately Casual Podcast: I am the creator and cohost of this SWTOR and Star Wars podcast focusing on healthy gaming, charity and a strong and positive community, which ran ran from July 2015 to November 2018.
  • The Common Room Book Club | Double Potions: I host a book club for Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone as part of a panel with a biweekly livestream and podcast.
  • StarWars.com   My fortuitous SWCE Rogue One panel viewing is included in an article about Star Wars Celebration fan experiences by Amy Ratcliffe.
  • Everyday Fangirl I am interviewed by Patty Hammond about what being a female Star Wars fan means to me.
  • Massively OP Columnist Larry Everett reviews our podcast, Passionately Casual, for the Massively OP gaming site.
  • Nerd Of Paradise Here I recount my Star Wars memories for host Kate Dubinko. And in this episode I chime in about Doctor Who.
  • Corellian Run Radio (podcast and articles) I have appeared on multiple episodes: Ep. 139 where I was invited on by Heather and Jason to discuss my SWTOR Guild Unholy Alliance, Ep. 185 to discuss the War for Iokath game update, and Ep. 187 to help interview “geek anthroplogist”, Pepi with Sechari and the CRR gang. I cohosted Ep. 190 with Moxys where we discussed game update 5.4 and my crazy Umbaran Train theories. In addition, I have written two articles for Corellian Run: Romancing the Story and the follow-up, Sacrifice and Destiny.
  • The Usual Podcast I am on a few episodes of this wonderful SWTOR and Pop-Culture podcast, including Ep. 3, 70 and 88.
  • Polygon My video is featured (uncredited) in an article about the “missing” opening crawl for Rogue One.
  • OotiniCast I appear on Ep. 250 to discuss SWTOR community game activities.
  • iamsechari.com My short story “People of Zakuul” appears as part of the Eternal Summer Fan Fiction Project.
  • SWTOR Central videos Here I collaborate on a parody video about elevators of the Old Republic with a group of SWTOR content creators.
  • SWTOR Central: Central Circle Sam, AKA SWTOR Central featured my video series of a Bounty Hunter leveling as the Joker with Bad Voice Acting by me in his community shout out reel.
  • Vulkk.com I narrate a short Galactic History video for the content creator’s Datacron series. You can find me on Galactic History #83 and #87.
  • It’s a Trap Podcast I join the hosts in discussing the new Star Wars novel Aftermath by Chuck Wendig.
  • Shadow of the Dragon Podcast I speak about the children’s charity Extra Life on the fun and informative Guild Wars 2 podcast.
  • Kid Lee SWTOR videos I am a guest on the Manaan Stronghold Decorating Livestream and the Bioware Influencer Mega Q&A.
  • Galactic Gamers Coalition I join a group of SWTOR podcasters to discuss the Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion.
  • SWTORista I am featured with other Bioware Influencers in SWTORista’s video about the program.
  • The Star Wars Chief I am included with two other Star Wars fans as we discuss the impact Star Wars has had on our lives for this Star Wars fan site.
  • Blog Squadron I am part of a panel of seven Star Wars blog writers in a group project started by Matt Applebee of  Far Far Away Radio about how to get started in Star Wars blogging. All of us contributed to each of these squadron “missions” and hosted one article per member on our own blogs. Mine is here: Blog Squadron- Mission #7.
  • Hyperspace Podblast RFFF Podcast Vol. 9 I join Bryan and Shelby in this fun comparison of Harry Potter to Star Wars!

In case it isn’t completely obvious, I have no affiliation with Bioware, LucasArts, Harry Potter, or anyone else for that matter. This blog is for my personal musings and the opinions, misconceptions and inaccuracies found within are not those of my friends, family, or dogs. I will endeavor to properly credit photos and other intellectual property I happen upon on the Internet. Any omissions are unintentional and not for profit.

Questions or Comments go right here:

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