Corellian Brandy Cherries

Why buy processed maraschino cherries with more chemicals than a Nal Hutta swamp? These are as easy to love as the smoothest Corellian scoundrel.

Cold as Hoth Butter Crust

This delicious crust contains no sugar and can be used for sweet or savory pies. Also, it’s way tastier than a taun taun.

Captain Solo’s Sweet Pepper “Salsa”

Go from bland to boring in 12 parsecs. Use this simple and nutritious relish as a topping for fish or chicken, or toss it into a green salad for color and style.

Lando’s Luscious Lemonsquares

Good lemonsquares are firm but not dry, tangy with a buttery shortbread crust. Just like General Calrissian used to make.

Strawberry Stardust Pie

Fresh and just the right amount of sweet with a luscious buttery crust. Even Darth Vader gets a sweet tooth when this pie comes out of the oven.